Majority Group

Majority Group's experienced professionals are steeped in the confluence of business demands, government processes and evolving political climates.

Who We Are:  Washington has a new status quo, Chaos

Over the past decade, the old rules of Washington have come undone. Since 2010, over 70 percent of the House and 50 percent of the Senate have been elected for the first time. After wave upon wave of new members, and now a new president demanding major change, the old ways are over. The days of old and reliable alliances that influencers have relied upon for decades have ended.

 The ground has shifted significantly, and most Washington stakeholders are struggling to keep up. However, at Majority Group, each member of our team has been working on the front lines of a changed Washington and has adapted to this new and ever evolving environment in order to thrive and secure important victories for our clients.  In this new paradigm we see the opportunity to build new majorities.  Our combined experience and the unique ability to navigate the new Washington make us well suited to advance the interests of our clients.

 What we do: We build your majority.

 The changes that DC experienced since 2010 will continue to accelerate as the generational shift in Congress continues over the next several cycles.  While many have spent the past decade ignoring these changes or forecasting the return of the old Washington, Majority Group has been cultivating relationships with the next generation of party leaders, decision makers, and influencers. The relationships and the results we have developed and accomplished on behalf of our clients are the result of hard work, dogged determination, and the refusal to accept “that’s not the way that it’s always been done” as an acceptable answer. 

 We understand the path to building a majority in this environment requires creating new alliances, engaging new members, and finding common appeal in non-traditional allies. By working with Majority Group, we will work tirelessly to create YOUR majority, and to develop the group of supportive influencers you need to pass legislation, influence regulations, secure funding, and build your profile in Washington, DC.

Majority Group
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